Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rockingham County will be getting a local food co-op!

Today I signed up to start Yoga classes on 8/27, alternating Thursdays and Mondays every other week to work around our schedule for keeping our grandson, Sean. I’m taking Yoga from Murphy Street Yoga whose owner, Tabitha, is very involved in the local food movement in Rockingham County. She told me the group is getting their non-profit status and will soon be opening a food co-op store where we can buy locally produced food on an expanded schedule. So, if we get busy around the house and miss the farmer’s market like we did last Saturday, we can still get local food that week. I’m so excited!

I’ve been feeding (pun intended) all this life-changing info to my husband Tim a little piece at a time so it will seem less like I’ve gone off my rocker. After 27 years of marriage, he’s well acquainted with my obsessive streak but, in our house, food is his domain. He grocery shops, he cooks, he grows the garden, he home cans, etc. So, when I go messing with his kitchen, I have to tread lightly. Of course, he grew up on a farm, growing most of what they ate and trading eggs for milk, so it’s not like I’ll have to twist his arm. I just worry about asking him to give up his grocery store circulars and coupon shopping. For Tim, saving money on groceries is practically an Olympic sport. Today’s “teachable moment” came this morning came while I was packing my lunch. I showed him the ingredient labels on both canned soup and canned tuna. Canned soup has modified food starch and unpronounceable things in it. Canned tuna has tuna, water, and salt. He understood and agreed.

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