Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Breathe. Repeat.

Hard to believe but I didn’t eat enough today. I worked through part of lunch and didn’t take time to chop up the cucumber and tomato I brought to go with my chicken noodle soup so I owe myself more veggies tonight. But I did take time to walk for 20 minutes and even included a couple of circuits down to the first floor and back up the steps to the fourth. I’m still getting winded but not as bad. Progress!

Work was very stressful today with a lot of impossible production deadlines laid out before me. I chewed my way up the ladder at one steel mill and am still getting no results on late shipments. So, I took deep breaths and tried to go Zen. I will not allow stress to affect my health. Breathe. Repeat. I called and left a message for Tabitha at Murphy Street Yoga in Madison (392-3430) to check out the class schedule. I need Yoga for both stress relief and flexibility and I might as well get it locally, same as my food.

This morning I gave some consideration to sleep as part of my new healthy lifestyle. I need to get more of it so I’m setting a curfew bedtime for myself of 10:30 PM, effective tonight.

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