Wednesday, August 26, 2009

12.5 Pounds Down! Much More to Go...

My new lifestyle isn’t about losing weight. I choose honey over Splenda because eating naturally is more important to me than cutting calories. But I do expect exercise and my consumption of vegetables instead of processed foods to ultimately get my weight back to a healthy level. I hadn’t gotten on the scales since my doctor visit on August 6, when I had bronchitis for the 2nd time in 2 months. This morning, I bit the bullet and stepped up there again. It’s been 20 days since that horrible day of peak weight and 2 weeks since my birthday when I resolved to live healthy for myself and the planet. The scale told me that I have lost 12.5 pounds. I stepped off it, wiped my eyes, stepped back on. Yep, 12.5 pounds. I went downstairs and asked Tim if our scales were right. His weight varies little so he knows if the scales are accurate. He said they were within a couple of pounds. Which way? He doesn’t remember. Oh well, does it really matter? The point is, I either weighed at the doctor’s office holding my dog Bill (silly thought but he does weigh about 12.5 pounds) or I’ve lost a chunk of flab bigger than a 10 pound bag of potatoes. I know this kind of weight loss will slow drastically and that most of it was probably fluid but I’m OK with that. The important thing is to feel better and live better. Tonight, I’ll check my blood pressure and see if it’s looking a little better.

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