Monday, August 31, 2009

Awaiting Our New Arrivals

I had my 2nd Yoga class tonight. I felt a little more coordinated than I did last Thursday. I can't go back until Thursday week because of grandson duty Thursday and next Monday. I picked up a Yoga DVD at a yard sale a few months ago and never watched it until yesterday. A lot of the poses are the same as we do in class so I'm going to try to follow along with it every couple of days between classes.

In other news, we have the duck brooding box completely set up now, down to water and food, just waiting for the little ducklings to arrive. They could be here as early as tomorrow or as late as Friday. We're both pretty excited even though Tim is acting calm and cool about it.

He's less calm and cool waiting for the bread machine I ordered Saturday from Chef's Catalog to arrive. He was against getting the bread machine because he's doubtful that it will work as promised but I took the chance because the 19 reviews all gave it 5 stars. He wants it to work and he's pumped about trying it, he's just doubtful. I'm optimistic and looking forward to bread costing .60/loaf and being free of preservatives. One more processed food will be eliminated from our diet. :-)

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